Curriculum Committee Meeting Materials


Code Enforcement for Healthier Homes Leader Guide
List of Sept 2014 Course Revisions with Numbered Comments


Private Well Testing and Treatment Course
1. Protecting public health through private well testing and treatment – Agenda
2. Protecting public health through private well testing and treatment – Tools and Resources
3. New course form – private well training
4. Protecting public health through private well testing and treatment – Narrative
5. Protecting public health through private well testing and treatment – PowerPoint
6. National healthy homes training – Narrative

Code Course: List of 2014 Revisions

1. Code Course revisions
2. Code Course Leader Guide v.5 with CC comments


1. Instructor Guide for Code Inspection Course [pdf]
2. Revisions to Code Course [pdf]


1. Materials for the Eco-Healthy Child Care course
Eco-Healthy Child Care course training manual [pdf]
Eco-Healthy Child Care Train-the-Trainer PowerPoint [pdf]
NCHH Train-the-Trainer table of contents [pdf]
List of additional resources referenced in the EHCC Fact Sheets [doc]

2. Course Modification Form submitted by Amanda Hatherly for online Essentials course
Online Essentials course modification form [pdf]

3. HHRS Train-the-trainer materials
Module 4 with student teachback on how to calculate a score (see slide 32)
Extra slide that was previously in Module 1 of the TtT course

4. Materials for the Code Enforcement for Healthier Homes course
Sample agenda student version – February 2014
Sample agenda instructor version – April 2014
Revised learning outcomes and objectives

Materials for the April 21, 2014 Curriculum Committee CallHHRS Train-the-Trainer course – Curriculum Developers Meeting on April 3

Materials from meeting — includes introductory slides and decisions made (last 4 slides):

HHRS Student Course Narratives

Code Inspection for Healthier Homes Course

Materials for February 12, 2014 Curriculum Committee Call

Healthy Homes Rating System Train-the-Trainer course

Additional Materials for 12.20.12 Curriculum Committee Call

Healthy Home Environmental Assessments: Principles and Practice

Agenda and Materials for 11.13.12 and 12.20.12 Curriculum Committee Call

Meeting Agenda [doc] – original version posted
Meeting Agenda [doc] – NEW

Materials for Meeting

1. Keep it Pest Free [ppt]

2. Keep it Maintained [ppt] – original version posted (11.7.12)
2a. Keep it Maintained [ppt] – 11.8.12 version – NEW
2b. Summary of Revisions to Keep it Maintained [doc] – NEW
2c. Lead Rules and Regs Timeline – NEW
3. Eco-Healthy Child Care Course – New Course Form [pdf]
4. Key Issues on Eco-Healthy Child Care Course [xls]
5. Partner Comments on Eco-Healthy Child Care Course [doc]
6. Eco-Healthy Child Care – Train-the-Trainer [ppt]
7. Eco-Healthy Training Manual [pdf]
8. Draft of Training Center powerpoint template [pdf] – NEW
9. Revised References – NEW
9a. 1_Essentials_Index_to_References_11.7.12
9b. 2_Essentials_Refs_Connections_BW_11.7.12
9c. 3_Essentials_Refs_Connections_Color_11.7.12
9d. 4_Essentials_Refs_Codes_Full_11.9.12
9e. 5_Essentials_Refs_Assessmt_Full_11.9.12
9f. 6_Essentials_Refs_Resources_Full_11.9.12