Making Homes Healthier for Residents Who Hoard Webinar

Welcome to the Healthy Homes Training Center’s resource page on hoarding and healthy homes. If you are a healthy homes practitioner and encounter hoarding problems, these resources may be helpful to you. Note that these resources are not intended to help you become an expert on hoarding, only to gain more insight into how to address the problem from a healthy homes perspective. If you view the recording of the webinar on “Making Homes Healthier for Residents who Hoard” you’ll see a considerable amount of information about the Harm Reduction approach. This approach recommends working with hoarders to take action only to the extent they need to address health and safety problems. It does not recommend any kind of total clean out.

The resources below include the webinar recording from February 15, 2018, the set of slides from the webinar, and a variety of books, articles and websites. Also included is contact information for Dion Lerman. Dion is a member of the Philadelphia Hoarding Task Force, an expert in Integrated Pest Management and an experienced instructor in healthy homes.

Making Homes Healthier for Residents Who Hoard [mp4]

Slides from webinar
Making Homes Healthier for Residents Who Hoard ([pdf]


Note: some of these resources are not free.

Clutter Image Rating Scale (CIRS)
HOMES® Multi-disciplinary Hoarding Risk Assessment


Stuff (Steketee & Frost) – An overview of hoarding with many easy-to-read stories written by two of the leading researchers on hoarding in the United States.
The Secret Lives of Hoarders – (Matt Paxton) – An overview of hoarding and its many shapes and forms written by the featured organizer on the A&E show Hoarders.
International OCD Foundation – An overview of hoarding with information about the disorder, services and treatment.

For people with hoarding behaviors

Buried in Treasures (Steketee, Tolin & Frost) – A program that helps a person recognize his/her own hoarding behaviors and take steps to declutter his/her home.

For family members and loved ones

Digging Out (Tompkins & Hartl) – Strategies for engaging a loved one who struggles with hoarding behaviors.

For children who grew up in a hoarded home

Coming Clean – Memoir of a woman who grew up in a hoarded home in New York.
Children of Hoarders – Information and support for people who grew up in hoarded homes.

For service providers 

The Hoarding Handbook – (Bratiotis, Schmalisch & Steketee) – Clinical framework for hoarding disorder and intervention.
Compulsive Hoarding and Acquiring Workbook – (Steketee & Frost) – Assessment tools for hoarding case management and intervention.
Institute on Compulsive Hoarding & Cluttering
Institute on Challenging Disorganization
Clinician’s Guide to Severe Hoarding by Michael A. Tompkins, Published in 2015 by Springer

Newspaper articles

Task Forces Offer Hoarders a Way to Dig Out
New York Times, May 26, 2013, Health section

A Team to Tackle Hoarding
New York Times, May 26, 2013, Health section


Working with families of people who hoard: a harm reduction approach. By Michael A. Tompkins
Journal of Clinical Psychology, May 2011, Volume 67, Issue 5
(Note that the May 2011 issue is a special issue focusing just on hoarding.)

Community hoarding task forces: a comparative case study of five task forces in the United States.
Health & Social Care in the Community, May 2013, Volume 21, Issue 3


Anxiety and Depression Association of America
Philadelphia Hoarding Taskforce

For more information about hoarding, contact:

Dion Lerman, MPH
Associate Certified Entomologist; Healthy Homes Specialist
Environmental Health Programs Specialist
Philadelphia School & Community IPM Partnership
Pennsylvania Integrated Pest Management (PA IPM) Program