Housing Codes

Housing codes are the backbone of an effective healthy homes program. The codes set the minimum standards that must be met by all housing – whether existing or new – to protect the health of the residents. Some communities call them property maintenance codes or sanitation codes but their scope and function is similar.

Finding State Housing Codes
Two organizations maintain summaries of state laws that may impact environmental health issues: the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCLS) and the Environmental Law Institute (ELI). The ELI database focuses on indoor air quality.

Finding Local Housing Codes
There are three references that are helpful to find local ordinances:
www.generalcode.com/webcode2.html or

Note:  This list of codes and the content should not be considered to be completely comprehensive or up to date. Codes are passed and revised periodically so you should always research those for a particular location to determine if there are new or updated laws that impact healthy housing.

State-by-State Codes
California-Housing/Health Code
1/07  [pdf]
Bakersfield  8/07  [pdf]
Los Angeles  5/07  [pdf]
Monterrey   1/07  [pdf]
Oakland   1/07  [pdf]
San Diego – Lead Paint  4/08  [pdf]
San Francisco  10/08  [pdf]

Hartford  6/06  [pdf]

Delaware  5/09  [pdf]

District of Columbia(Washington, DC)  5/07  [pdf]

Florida – No state code. List of communities with local code  5/08 [pdf]

Georgia  6/07  [pdf]
Athens  8/07  [pdf]
Savannah  5/07  [pdf]

Indiana – Only landlord tenant law
Indianapolis  1/08  [pdf]

Chicago  6/07  [pdf]

Iowa – Only landlord tenant law  5/08  [pdf]
Ankeny  5/08  [pdf]

Kansas City  6/08  [pdf]

Baltimore  5/08  [pdf]
Howard County  9/06  [pdf]

Massachusetts – Sanitation Code  4/08  [pdf]

Michigan  3/08  [pdf]
Grand Rapids  5/07  [pdf]
Lansing  12/06  [pdf]

Minneapolis  8/07  [pdf]
Saint Paul  8/07  [pdf]

Mississippi – Selected communities  6/07  [pdf]
Gulfport  6/07  [pdf]
Jackson  6/07  [pdf]

Kansas City  6/07  [pdf]

Montana  8/08  [pdf]
Billings  8/08  [pdf]

New Hampshire  4/08  [pdf]
Manchester  4/08  [pdf]

New York  2/07  [pdf]
  New York City  2/07  [pdf]

North Carolina  7/08  [pdf]
Greensboro  11/08  [pdf]

Ohio  6/07  [pdf]
Akron  7/08  [pdf]
Cincinnati  11/08  [pdf]
Columbus  7/08  [pdf]
Springfield  6/07  [pdf]

Oklahoma  8/06  [pdf]

Portland  9/07  [pdf]

Philadelphia  10/08  [pdf]

Rhode Island
Providence  5/07  [pdf]

Tennessee – Rental housing only  1/08  [pdf]
Nashville  5/08  [pdf]

Texas  1/08  [pdf]
Houston  7/07  [pdf]
Tyler  8/06  [pdf]

Virginia  8/06  [pdf]

Washington  7/07  [pdf]
Seattle  7/07  [pdf]
Other Healthy Homes Code Resources