Dr. Samar Khoury

Senior Analyst

Samar Khoury is a Senior Analyst with Healthy Housing Solutions. She has over 12 years of public health experience and an additional eight years of environmental chemistry experience. Dr. Khoury is knowledgeable about environmental health and policy, especially in the area of global environmental change and health impacts. As a research associate at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, she worked on various international policy reports related to the public health aspects of toxic chemicals exposure on vulnerable populations, particularly those in poverty globally and children living in North America. She also worked on research related to global climate change and has a very deep commitment to finding solutions for environmental health problems nationwide and around the world.

In her doctoral research, Dr. Khoury developed a strong interest in how environmental exposures, along with nutritional deficiencies, affect the health of children and other vulnerable populations in the Middle East. Specifically, she studied the connections between water quality and children’s health in residents of a Palestinian refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon. Dr. Khoury evaluated microbial contaminants in drinking water sources, and childhood growth and morbidity. She also made a serious effort to identify practical solutions to this very serious environmental health problem, and effectively communicated her findings to the camp, after which suppliers committed to cleaning up the drinking water.

In her work, Dr. Khoury has become very experienced in developing data collection instruments, obtaining IRB approvals, meeting with and obtaining approval from national and local officials, developing relationships with local informants, training and supervising interviewers and sample collection staff, and carrying out much of the laboratory work and all of the associated data analysis.

Dr. Khoury has both a Doctorate and a Masters in Public Health from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, a certificate in Health and Human Rights, a Masters in Chemistry from the University of Maryland at College Park, and a Bachelors in Chemistry from the American University of Beirut. She is fluent in Arabic, French and Italian.