Tom Kelly

Senior Project Manager

Tom Kelly is a Senior Project Manager with Healthy Housing Solutions. He recently retired as a Federal SES executive with more than forty years of experience leading scientific and legally based federal programs, program and policy evaluation studies, and national change campaigns, mainly with EPA. As Director of EPA’s national Indoor Air Quality Program, Mr. Kelly led highly motivated work teams in protecting public health from exposure to indoor pollution, including radon, second-hand smoke, mold, and other triggers of asthma. He created the national “Communities in Action Campaign” to fight childhood asthma by environmental trigger prevention and medical management, drawing collaboration from CDC, the American College of Asthma, Allergy, and Immunology, and countless other public and private partners to revolutionize asthma care in America’s cities. Mr. Kelly also created the “Radon Leaders Saving Lives Campaign” that is now saving nearly 1000 American lives annually by preventing radon-induced lung cancer through reduced residential exposure. From a base of virtually zero, more than 50 percent of America’s schools now manage Indoor Air Quality following EPA’s national guidance. Mr. Kelly also led the preparation and issuance of nationally acclaimed technical guidance for designing, constructing, and maintaining green homes and larger buildings, in which occupant health is as prominent an element of “green” as energy conservation and ecological sustainability.

Mr. Kelly designed and helped organize EPA’s in-house program evaluation system, modeled to operate as an internal management consulting firm. As Director of EPA’s Program Evaluation Division, he led the design and conduct of dozens of change-based, client-oriented management interventions in EPA programs, including air, water, hazardous waste, pesticides, management and administration. As EPA’s chief regulatory manager, he directed EPA’s internal regulatory management system and oversaw its redesign to emphasize strong scientific, legal, economic, and policy analysis. He also served as EPA’s first statutory arbiter of small-business accommodation in environmental regulation. He convened and mediated complex and typically contentious negotiations among EPA, OMB, and the Small Business Administration on some of EPA’s most sensitive draft regulations.

Mr. Kelly holds a Master of Arts in Sociology from the American University in Washington DC and a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Wesleyan University in Connecticut.