Basic Principles of Healthy Homes

Basic Principles of Healthy Homes is an engaging and interactive online course. Whether you’re a community health worker, home assessor, home inspector, program manager, or anyone concerned about healthy housing, this course was designed with you in mind. You will learn about the well-documented link between health and housing; become familiar with the 8 principles of keeping your home healthy; identify the four interdependent systems found in most homes that impact not just our health, but our quality of life; and develop strategies for communicating with residents.

In the Key Concepts module, you will learn about the well-documented impact of housing on both physical and mental health, and gain an appreciation for just how widespread the problem of unhealthy housing really is… and how costly! The 8 Principles module introduces the Keep-Its, the proven strategies for addressing unhealthy housing. In The House as a System module, you’ll be introduced to the mechanical systems that make your home not only healthy but comfortable. Finally, in Working with Residents, you’ll see why it’s so important to “start with people” whenever you inspect a home, and develop a variety of strategies for communicating with residents.

This course is approved for 3 American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Continuing Education Credits. Please contact Laura Titus if you would like these added to your certificate of completion.

This course is approved for 3.0 contact hours of continuing education credit with the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA). For individuals to receive Continuing Education credit with NEHA they can complete their submission on-line at To log onto the NEHA CE Webpage an individual would enter his/her last name and NEHA Credential ID number. In the event an individual is audited by NEHA he/she would need to provide a copy of the CE Attendance Form as proof of participation. Those that do not hold a NEHA credential would need to submit the CE Attendance Form with all of the requested information completed and the appropriate processing and maintenance fee.

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