Essentials for Healthy Homes Practitioners

If you visit homes to provide health or inspection services of any type, you will benefit from the Essentials for Healthy Homes Practitioners course. The training will help you understand the connection between health and housing and how to take a holistic approach to identify and resolve problems that threaten the health and well-being of residents.

Everyone from a public health nurse visiting a client to an environmental health professional doing a rodent inspection will gain insight into how housing and health are related and actions they can take to improve the health of their clients. This two-day course brings together professionals with a variety of perspectives and experiences in a series of exercises — keeping the training lively and engaging.

The training complements hazard-specific training in lead-based paint, radon, mold, pests, and asbestos. It identifies root causes of health problems in a home and links them to seven principles of healthy housing: keep it dry; keep it clean; keep it pest-free; keep it ventilated; keep it safe, keep It contaminant-free; and keep it maintained. Course participants will have a better understanding of how to collaborate to make healthy homes a reality in their community.

Desired learning outcomes: The learner will have a better understanding of how to address health issues and hazards with the resident. They will gain knowledge on how to communicate effectively with the resident regarding these hazards as well as how to advise the resident on how to resolve these hazards.

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To register for this course, go to the Healthy Homes Training Center Schedule of Classes. If you don’t see this course listed, it’s not being taught at this time, but please check back since courses are added continuously. The cost of this course is determined by the Training Center partner who is offering this course.

Please contact Laura Titus for more information about this course.

Who Should Attend

Health and Housing Advocates, Property Managers, Pest Management Professionals, Lead Poisoning Case Managers, Asthma Case Managers, Weatherization Specialists, Lead Risk Assessors, Licensed Home Inspectors, Energy Auditors, Public Health Nurses, Housing Code Inspectors, Environmental Health Professionals