Robert Santucci

Senior Consultant, Urban Renovation Consultants, Inc.

Robert Santucci has over 45 years of experience in housing program design and development, sustainable building, value engineering, and renovation. He operated large-scale and innovative affordable housing programs offering new construction, scattered site rehabilitation, and multifamily rentals. Robert authored and delivered 28 post-graduate training programs for real estate developers. He is widely published in technical publications and mainstream media like Readers Digest and Money magazine. He has provided over 508 onsite technical assistance consultations to states, cities, and nonprofit developers. For example, he created a system to provide work write-ups and estimates for 112,000 homeowners post-Hurricane Katrina. For the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, he coordinated a nine-person team to assure the timely and appropriate expenditure of funds in a three-jurisdiction coalition. Mr. Santucci is respected for his guidance in healthy homes techniques, cost effective mitigation of lead hazards, scattered-site rehabilitation, and business planning. He holds a Bachelor of Science in psychology from Georgetown University..