Chelsea McCracken


Dr. Chelsea McCracken is new to Healthy Housing Solutions after service as an analyst for the National Center for Healthy Housing. She is a multidisciplinary social science researcher with experience in the academic, public, and private sectors. As a project coordinator for NCHH, she wrote literature reviews on meal home delivery programs and community paramedicine, and she helped design the evaluation criteria and evaluated grant applications for the mini-grants program. As a researcher and consultant at the market research firm Verilogue, she has used qualitative linguistic analysis techniques to draw insights from a database of recordings of doctor/patient office visits and identify themes and key takeaways for pharmaceutical clients. As a senior research analyst at the Coalition for Responsible Home Education, she has compiled a public database of child welfare cases based on news reports and identified themes in particular groups of at-risk children. She has a deep commitment to children’s rights, particularly as they pertain to health and equity. She holds a Ph.D. in linguistics from Rice University and has additional research specializations in child welfare, education, and health communication.