Technical Assistance and Program Development

Solutions provides public agencies, nonprofit organizations, and other private sector entities with technical program development and project management support related to residential environmental health and safety.
Solutions can design, write, edit, and produce business and technical publications for a wide variety of audiences. Examples of our work include the following:

  • The HUD Data Management System Design Project
  • Healthy Homes Program Guidance Manual
  • HUD Healthy Homes Background Papers
  • In 2008 and 2009, Solutions provided oversight and compliance monitoring for the Greater Rochester Health Foundation’s Lead Safe Homes and One Stop Resources grantees in Rochester, NY. Solutions will continue this oversight and compliance monitoring in 2012.
  • In 2009, Solutions assisted the Louisiana Recovery Authority/Office of Community Development by determining compliance with HUD, EPA and state lead-based paint laws and regulations applicable to the Louisiana Piggyback Project, a federally assisted multifamily housing disaster recovery program.
  • In 2004, Grace Hill Neighborhood Health Centers (Grace Hill) of St. Louis, MO engaged Healthy Housing Solutions (Solutions) to provide technical assistance related to its new HUD-funded Lead Prevention and Remediation Grant. Solutions assisted Grace Hill in:
    • Developing a construction strategy for lead hazard control in housing units
    • Preparing a master lead hazard evaluation and reduction work specifications
    • Preparing model contract documents for use by the grant program and its local applicants
    • Assisting in developing a risk management and insurance plan, including identification and evaluation of insurance carriers offering lead liability insurance.

For more information on how Solutions can assist your agency or organization with its program development, technical manuals, and project management needs, please contact Jack Anderson.