HUD Data Management System Design Project

HUD Management Planning Effort for Capturing Outcomes from Grantees – From 2013-2014, HUD OLHCHH engaged Solutions to prepare a plan to support development of a data management system for Healthy Homes grantees and others. Solutions’ report to HUD reflected the activities of an expert panel of 14 members with expertise in data management, program evaluation, and research, several of whom also had experience with OLHCHH Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control grant requirements. Over a five-month period, the panelists participated on six webinars. Five of these webinars demonstrated existing data systems, which were then rated by panelists via a questionnaire. The panel identified and refined features important to a future OLHCHH data management system.

HUD Data Management System Design Project – As a FY 2015 extension of this effort, HUD OLHCHH has tasked Solutions and its IT subcontractor, Synaptic Advisory Partners, to prepare language for specifications to enhance and expand its existing data management system. Solutions’ work product will guide OLHCHH’s future preparation of a Request for Proposal for a vendor to develop a system that will enable it to use grantee data for program evaluation and research.This effort will involve determining the potential system design, including recommendations on the scope of data, feasibility, and options for functionality and architecture. Additionally, Solutions and Synaptic will configure a pilot application of these potential design features and work with four current OLHCHH grantees as testers to refine the specifications.