Essentials for Healthy Homes Practitioner Course

Learning Objectives

1. Describe at least four housing conditions and the health problems associated with them.
2. Demonstrate how to characterize risk using the epidemiological triangle.
3. Identify three populations that may be at higher risk for housing related disease and injury.
4. Identify three important housing systems that contribute to a comfortable living space.
5. Identify three types of codes that can be used to enforce remediation of housing-based health threats.

Keep It Dry
6. Name three health hazards in the home that are related to excessive moisture.
7. Identify four sources of moisture in the home.
8. Describe five strategies for controlling moisture in the home.

Keep It Clean
9. List three contaminants or allergens that are frequently found in house dust and their health effects.
10. Describe three ways allergens or contaminants get into house dust.
11. Identify at least three strategies to reduce allergens or contaminants in house dust.

Keep It Pest-Free
12. Name three illnesses or injuries associated with pest infestation.
13. Identify three clues of pest infestation.
14. Identify the three strategies associated with an IPM approach.
15. Name two illegal pesticides that may be used in the home.

Keep It Ventilated
16. Name five unhealthful conditions associated with poor ventilation.
17. List five things in a household that need ventilation.
18. Name three things that power airflow in a building.
19. List at least three household contaminants that can be removed by ventilation.
20. Describe two ways ventilation reduces air contaminant levels

Keep It Safe
21. Explain the difference between an injury and an accident.
22. Name the three most common home injury related causes of death.
23. Name five locations to look for safety hazards in the home.
24. Name five ways to prevent home injury.

Keep It Contaminant-Free
25. Identify at least four contaminants in the home and strategies to prevent, contain or control them.
26. Describe at least four ways that contaminants get into the home.
27. Identify at least three health effects and their associated contaminant.

Keep It Maintained
28. Name at least three systems that require ongoing maintenance.
29. Identify two maintenance actions that require the use of a professional.

Making It Work
30. Name at least two provisions of a code that could be used to cite a hazard in the home.
31. Explain why a partnership with the community is essential.
32. Identify five important players involved in healthy homes issues.
34. Identify three sources of data and where you might find them.
33. Explain why data collection and analysis are important in delivering healthy housing services.
35. List two things that could be observed in a home that must be reported and two that are discretionary.