Healthy Housing Solutions’ team brings over 200 years of combined experience.

Noreen Beatley

Senior Project Manager

Noreen Beatley has worked with Healthy Housing Solutions since 2009. She has more than 20 years of experience working at the intersection of affordable housing and healthy communities, green building, energy efficiency, and sustainable community development policies and programs.…Read More

Peter Blood

Project Manager/Senior Analyst

Peter Blood is a project manager/senior analyst at Healthy Housing Solutions. He has 25 years of experience directing and providing environmental and health program management and research support to EPA, CDC, DOE, NIH, and HUD…Read More

Mary Jean Brown

Senior Technical Analyst

Dr. Mary Jean Brown serves as a technical advisor to Healthy Housing Solutions of housing interventions for lead, asthma, injuries and other housing-related health issues. She is the former chief of the Healthy Homes and Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch at the…Read More

Patricia Harman

Communications Analyst

Patricia Harman is new to Healthy Housing Solutions. She has served as the editor-in-chief of multiple publications covering the cleaning and restoration, construction, indoor air quality, insurance, real estate and legal industries…Read More

Carlotta Joyner

Senior Project Manager/Analyst

Dr. Carlotta Joyner managed the CDC Green Housing Study in 2011 through 2015, overseeing the work of project partners Harvard School of Public Health and the University of Cincinnati. She also provided technical support for internal strategic planning for Solutions…Read More

Carol Kawecki

Vice President/Senior Program Manager

Carol Kawecki has over 20 years in program evaluation, research, and publications related to healthy housing issues in the public health domain. Ms. Kawecki has designed, implemented, analyzed, and presented survey research findings…Read More

Samar Khoury

Senior Analyst

Dr. Samar Khoury joined Healthy Housing Solutions in 2013. Most recently, Dr. Khoury worked on a CDC project in which she analyzed data to promote healthy homes through individual and community behavior modification…Read More

Chelsea McCracken


Dr. Chelsea McCracken is new to Healthy Housing Solutions after service as an analyst for the National Center for Healthy Housing. She is a multidisciplinary social science researcher with experience in the academic, public, and private sectors…Read More

Amy Murphy

Senior Program Manager

Ms. Murphy has worked in the field of childhood lead poisoning prevention and healthy homes for 29 years. She served as the Healthy Housing Solutions project manager and co-author for HUD’s Healthy Homes Program Guidance Manual, coordinating research…Read More

Carmen Pelletier


Carmen Pelletier joined Healthy Housing Solutions in September 2012 after having served as a policy analyst for Solutions’ parent organization, the National Center for Healthy Housing. She has worked on Solutions’ contracts with CDC Lead Poisoning Primary Prevention Collaboration…Read More

Amanda Reddy

Acting President and CEO

Amanda Reddy, M.S., Acting President and CEO, is an experienced public health professional with over a decade of experience in data management, analysis, and program evaluation. Since joining the Healthy Housing Solutions family of organizations in September 2012, first as a senior analyst…Read More