Policy and Regulatory Support

Healthy Housing Solutions provides both onsite and offsite mission support assistance to public agencies, nonprofit organizations, and other private sector entities to meet their policy and regulatory requirements.

HUD Mission Support Task Orders and Contracts
Since 2004, Solutions has had three multiyear mission support task order contracts with the HUD Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control. The first (2004-2009) was for policy and regulatory support, and the second and third (2009-present) were for science, policy, and regulatory support. Under these contracts, HUD has issued over a dozen task orders to Solutions for a variety of assignments.

CDC Mission Support Task Orders
Since 2010, Solutions has had a multiyear mission support contract with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch. Under this contract, CDC has issued 10 task orders to Solutions for the following projects:

For more information on how Solutions can assist your agency or organization with policy and regulatory support, contact us.