Samar Khoury

Senior Analyst

Dr. Samar Khoury joined Healthy Housing Solutions in 2013. Most recently, Dr. Khoury worked on a CDC project in which she analyzed data to promote healthy homes through individual and community behavior modification and prepared reports to brief federal agencies. Her duties included data analysis, evaluation, and interpretation, as well as review of reports and technical documents related to children’s environmental health. She also researched data sources relevant to children’s health in the home environment to inform community health needs assessments, and incorporated children’s environmental health issues in risk assessments and the policy/regulatory development process. Dr. Khoury also contributed to the HUD Healthy Homes Rating System (HHRS) Data Scoping Project. She has over 17 years of experience in public health and an additional eight years in environmental chemistry. Dr. Khoury is knowledgeable about environmental health and policy, especially global environmental change and its health impacts. As a research associate at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, she worked on various international policy reports related to the public health aspects of toxic chemicals exposure on vulnerable populations, particularly those in poverty globally and children living in North America. She also worked on research related to global climate change and is deeply committed to finding solutions for environmental health problems both nationwide and around the world.