HUD Healthy Homes Background Papers

In 1998, Congress appropriated funds and directed the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to “develop and implement a program of research and demonstration projects that would address multiple housing-related problems affecting the health of children.” In response, HUD solicited the advice of experts in several disciplines and developed a preliminary plan for the Healthy Homes Initiative (HHI). The primary goal of the HHI is to protect children from housing conditions that are responsible for multiple diseases and injuries. As part of this initiative, HUD has prepared a series of papers to provide background information to their current HHI grantees, as well as to other programs considering adoption of a healthy homes approach. Healthy Housing Solutions, Inc., was engaged by HUD to update, edit, and revise these papers on asthma, carbon monoxide, injury hazards, mold, pesticides, and residential assessment. Access the papers from the links below.